Friday, January 1, 2010

New years

It's a new year! Everyone says time went by fast, I think those people were probably sleeping too much. The year was eventful.

Many people also say, a new year a new start. Well, I really like last year, well except for the last few weeks. I really wish I can go have and relive those few months when school started..

School is coming back soon, anyone excited? I wonder what we'll learn (aka ignore) in the new semester. How many new people we will meet.

It's starting to snow again, cool (I know you like my stupid puns). I recently read news about how if uranium wasn't used by the Russian, we'd all be using thorium for nuclear energy right now. Imagine how many other things may have been changed for the better, or worse. Well, too late now, no point of looking back, we're stuck with this world. My mind isn't really clear right now, and this is more of free writing.
BTW, grammar mistakes ftw.

QOTD: What did you guys do at time it became new year?