Monday, October 26, 2009

My Day

Wake up
Stare at computer screen
To class
Stare at someone else's screen
Come home
Stare at computer screen
Go to sleep

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Our world is null. The regular stuff just won't cut it anymore. Everything we want must be to the extreme, like horror films, sour candy, spicy food, fetishes, guns. There was once a time where the word sorry actually worked. I cannot remember one time where I said sorry (and I really meant it) and the other person actually forgave me. This might be because I'm an overconfident young idiot who thinks he's always right, therefore I don't say sorry often. Back to the topic, instead of sorry, we must say stuff like "I swear to GOD, I will never do it again" or "You can ram me with an acorn if I ever do it again!", okay maybe not the second one. But both of these go towards the extreme once more. The first one brings in the idea of God; an all-powerful being who created human kind. The second one is just plain painful and obscure. This is just an observation, I'm wondering how nulled the world will become when I grow up (I'm still a child).

Question of the Day: Would you rather watch a comedy or a horror film? Why? (sounds like a question from school).

P.S. Almost time to move off to Waterloo and move away from a lot of great friends!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We're over 18 when watching movies.
We're under 18 when it comes to buffets.
We're real Asians.

Monday, August 10, 2009


This feels like a post that I should have done months ago. Education and creativity.
The current education system has a few priorities; Language, mathematics, and science. These are all fields of which we are taught facts that have been stated by magnificently creative minds. I do not know of one public education system in the world where the arts are considered more important than languages and math. Sadly creativity is barely developed through mathematics and sciences (there are creative writing and poems in language studies).

Many children in current schools are considered below standards just simply because their academic marks are below average. These children may have many special talents like singing, dancing, painting, etc. But these amazing abilities are never discovered because of our current education system.

WHY is our current education system so biased towards academics instead of arts (Someone once told me rhetorical statements are dangerous in writing, well, I'm screwed now)? I plan to hypothesize this question by looking at the very thing that keeps the world spinning, money. The richest person in the world is famous William Gates III, who achieved his wealth through computer software. Oh look, an academic field. Second in the world is Warren Buffett, he is into investments, another academic field. Then we have communication, retailing, manufacturing, all business/academics. That is why the school is promoting academics over arts, because in the future they believe children will make more money doing academical jobs. This is sadly true because an artist must either be lucky, or gifted.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buyers and Seller

I was in China for the past month; the Chinese government blocked the blogging sites and basically anything that allows an expression of thought from foreign countries. Back to the point, as I walked in the mall filled with people selling bootlegged items, I thought about what they are truly selling. After going through my random train of thought and accidentally bumping into a few children (I later found out one was a midget), I realized we were selling one very important thing. Trust.

When we buy cloth, we buy the idea that it's good fabric, and it will look good on us. That's why all the sales people say, "oOoOoooOo, it looks nice!!"
When we buy a service, we trust they will accomplish the service. For example, milk delivery. We trust they will deliver the fresh milk on time.
You get the general idea; therefore I shall end my post here.

Question of the Day: Do you think all the games, movies and TV shows affect how we think, act and such? Eg. we are less afraid of death, believe we can do outrageous things without consequences, etc. I referring to the general teens and children.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Something Strange

I bet most of you guys checked on Jan 1st. So just to mess with you guys, I didn't post anything. So now I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope all your dreams come true, if not, continue dreaming, life is about hope and unachievable things. Well, here's today's post.

I discovered something strange as I was in the shower today. After the water was turned off, all the hair (I just got a haircut) flowed the the center opening thing. As I observed closely, a very small piece of hair (half a cm) was going the other way. Assume the left side is the lower side and where the opening is, and also where the current is flowing. The hair went towards the left. Small drops of water also struck the right side of the hair which caused it to vibrate a little than move right. This is very weird, and I'm pretty confused, any speculations?

Question of the day: Do you guys think we should actually STOP advancing in technology? Are we happy at the time we live? Do we need more technology? Will more research head to our demise?