Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buyers and Seller

I was in China for the past month; the Chinese government blocked the blogging sites and basically anything that allows an expression of thought from foreign countries. Back to the point, as I walked in the mall filled with people selling bootlegged items, I thought about what they are truly selling. After going through my random train of thought and accidentally bumping into a few children (I later found out one was a midget), I realized we were selling one very important thing. Trust.

When we buy cloth, we buy the idea that it's good fabric, and it will look good on us. That's why all the sales people say, "oOoOoooOo, it looks nice!!"
When we buy a service, we trust they will accomplish the service. For example, milk delivery. We trust they will deliver the fresh milk on time.
You get the general idea; therefore I shall end my post here.

Question of the Day: Do you think all the games, movies and TV shows affect how we think, act and such? Eg. we are less afraid of death, believe we can do outrageous things without consequences, etc. I referring to the general teens and children.


M.Mao said...

to some degree

NFinit__ said...

dude, guess wut, im looking at ur blog from CHINA!!!! i just felt lk sayin that haha

cm said...


"(I later found out one was a midget)" --> my comment: LOL how do you find out later that someone's a midget! you know, most people find those things out when they first see a person.

sorry just had to comment on that. and so, i guess i must comment on your 'question of the day' as that how it goes? well, since i have nothing else better to do at a time like this (-__-), i agree with M.Mao lol. but for the 'less afraid of death' part, i don't know. i mean, sure we get exposed to all these random ways of killing people..and dying (more or less), but when we're face to face with death -- i don't think the games are gonna help rid us of our fear then. loll

Jeffrey Tong said...

Lol, not when we are face to face, but just on regular days when we talk about death. And maybe we take more risks? Okay, mak, I was thinking about it and I bumped into him, and I'm just like sorry, and two seconds later, I thought, "wait a SECOND!!!". And yea..