Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today is Christmas, hope all is merry and well.

I always thought about how small and incapable humans are, even though we are very powerful and capable. Our vision is limited to a certain spectrum, our hearing is limited to a certain frequency. Our words are limited to certain meanings. Like the snow that is falling, we are just one snowflake out of the millions out there. But wait, each snowflake is very significant and special like ourselves. I have no idea where I am going with this. This is just a brainstorm of thoughts.

Question of the day: Do each of us ACTUALLY impact the world that much?

Question of the day #2 (oh damn!): Do you think we have evolved (mentally) a lot since the 1900s?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thoughts on MSN

My brain really isn't organized, so this post is just a scrapbook of things to say.

What has this software done to our new generation? I'm not going to talk about how MSN affects once health, but rather a mental perspective.

MSN allows us be someone we're not. You might be a smart and careful person in real-life, while on MSN, you can be wild and stupid. This is a typical example because I meet someone from my school on MSN and we have a great conversation and each of us has a lot to talk about. I finally meet the person in school, he/she sees me, and just turns away. Once I get back on MSN, he/she once again starts to chat like a madman/woman. In this case, does this mean the MSN personality is what the person actually want to be? Is the MSN personality their ideal image of them self?

Another aspect is the "1337" language. A majority of the people on MSN (including myself) are using numerous acronyms like "thx, wat, wtf, etc." Does this affect their English writing skills? Will people subconsciously use these acronyms in a formal essay? And what the hell is "~~~".

Though there a lot of interesting things to discover on MSN. Simply go on MSN, and carefully analyze all your friend's personal messages. This tells a lot about the person. And of course their actual MSN name and display picture are also important, but personal messages tend to be changed frequently.

This is a very informal post.

Question of the day: Which would you consider more important? The ability to speak a language or the ability to write it?