Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today is Christmas, hope all is merry and well.

I always thought about how small and incapable humans are, even though we are very powerful and capable. Our vision is limited to a certain spectrum, our hearing is limited to a certain frequency. Our words are limited to certain meanings. Like the snow that is falling, we are just one snowflake out of the millions out there. But wait, each snowflake is very significant and special like ourselves. I have no idea where I am going with this. This is just a brainstorm of thoughts.

Question of the day: Do each of us ACTUALLY impact the world that much?

Question of the day #2 (oh damn!): Do you think we have evolved (mentally) a lot since the 1900s?


yi said...

shouldnt it be: "do each of us actually"?

and, for sure each of us impacts the world. we just do it in very small steps. using your snowflake idea, each snowflake is very small, barely noticeable. and when it touches the ground, it melts. however, wen a multitude of them come together as a team, they can create a thick white blanket over the streets.

SAVE THE TIGERS!!! said...

I believe each of us have the potential to impact the world.

Each of us snowflakes is already unique and special. What's left is to set our goals to be significant and make some change in the world.

Some times it is to unite with a common goal, something that's become more scarce in our world of political turmoil. Its together when you can create that "blanket of snow" (I loved that analogy, yi), or make that forceful blizzard. Remember, united we stand, divided... we melt.

Some times its time to step up and set yourself with goals to impact the world. Wake up everyday thinking how you can change something, someone, for the better of the world, and you will be more than that snowflake.

So whether you impact the world is YOUR decision, and YOUR life, for better or for worse.


Man, it's been a while since you last posted =P

Anyways, I do believe each individual have the potential to impact the world. If you think about it, every little action we take will always affect others and our surroundings. For example:
-I buy milk from a grocery store
-The store makes profit as a result of that
-The store owner gathers money and support his family
-The store owner's child that was supported by his father may end up being a doctor
-The doctor works in an emergency room to save the lives of people who are ill and injured
-These people who survive because of the doctor then live the rest of their lives, and producing their own impacts on the world.

Of course, that was just a scenario I came up with limited imagination (the beyond-complex systems of our world lead to a number of possibilites that are endless). Therefore, every thing we do in our daily lives (regardless of the magnitude of the significance) will affect someone's life, and their actions will affect the lives of others, and thus continuing a chain reaction of impacts.

However, although our seemingly unimportant deeds have the potential to affect the world, this wouldn't be made possible if other people didn't exist. Our small actions will remain small if it affects noone. The accumulation of impacts from each individual is required to have a visible change in our world. Just like the analogy of the snowflakes: one snowflake may not seem like much, but a lot can cover a whole area.