Friday, March 15, 2013


Haha, what if just like surprise birthday parties, we had surprise funerals.

Imagine, you're going home and you open your door. Finally I get to relax, or so you think. You turn the light on and BOOM.


WTF you think. What now, are you sad? Are you angry? Confetti flies all over the door, people roll in the a cake with a statue of your dog on top. You all eat the cake and everyone drinks. You're still confused as hell and not sure what to think. Everyone leaves, you go to bed. Laying on your bed you're not sure what to think and as you roll on the bed you decide to do something rash.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can see the Future

I am a magician and I can literally see the future. Yup, so I can you, let me teach you how!

Use your Common Sense. WoOoOo.

Interestingly enough, I believe that we are all able to foresee the future and change it just like in the movie "Next". In Next, our main character foresees all possible paths of the future and chooses the one with the most favorable outcome. We actually use this power everyday without ever realizing. The limit of our powers depend on how much experience we have, how much knowledge, and our understanding of the situation.

Let me give you an example. You are talking to your boss and he asks you if you can stay late on Friday to work on a project you do not really care about. Suddenly your powers come into effect. You see a bunch of options:

1. I agree whole heartily. This mean I can't go back to my hometown on Friday night. I have to work, maybe I'll get a raise? The boss will think better of me.

2. I say no. Get to go home, relax and party. The boss might be angry or he might just forget and understand.

Boom you predicted the future. Pat yourself on the back. Its as if you've traveled down both paths all the way up until Friday night and saw the results and came back to the present. How well you predicted the future depend strongly on your understanding of the work presented to you, your boss and yourself.

I just thought this was an interesting thought and we should realize that we're friggen amazing beings. But remember, with great power, comes great responsibilities.

QOTD: Why do you think some people seem to have more "common sense" than others? Was it the way they were raised up? What happened?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How do I study

As most of you would have guessed, I don't really study. Well that's not true, I don't sit down 2-3 hours at a time and do all the questions and read all the chapters, no, that's what my friend Jack does. That method works perfectly well for him because that's his habit and the way he learn, but I simply cannot endure that long and I know I won't be studying effectively.

Which Questions to Do?

So how do I study? I go through the key things. I know, everyone says this but what does it really mean? For example, first I will go through the MAIN equations, nothing derived from the basic equations, but ONLY the main ones. After I understand these I will go and practice a select amount of questions that I found was difficult in the past assignments, yet they must not be so hard that I know the prof won't put them on the exam. After I go through these, my friends who started studying early probably already aggregated a a few questions that they found difficult. Perfect! I now go through these question and make sure I thoroughly understand them. Again I make sure none of these questions are ridiculously time-consuming. After this I will do a practice exam. Now here comes what I believe is the core to my studying habits, I answer questions. I tend to always stay online so I am available if people have questions or concerns. When people ask me something, I'll think about these questions and give them an answer if I am able.

Study Habits?

I honestly believe this depends on the individual, but I generally cringe when I see someone working super slowly through each question... That's just me though. I like to think of myself as fast and efficient (that's what she said...). As for the environment to study in? I think studying alone is better than studying with friends (though keep in mind that I mean alone as in physically but I still talk to friends online). But the BEST situation to study in is an awkward situation. When I know I really have to sit down and study for an exam, I go on campus and find a room where there's a group of friends who aren't too noisy. I sit down in the room and suddenly the group is like "Why is this guy here...". Awkward. Silence, everyone do their own thing, Yes. This is what I wanted, now that it's awkward, I'm more likely to concentrate and less likely to get distracted.

Music? Games? Sleep? Food?

Do what you have to do! Personally I do not listen to music while I'm working because I know that if I am really concentrated, I wouldn't hear it anyways. Game, sleep and food. Well girls may not have a problem with gaming, but for the rest of us guys, I say do it. If a lot of your friends are queuing up for a game of DotA and they need one more? Join them! It's good to relax and just not think about work once in a while. I always play quite a bit of games the night before my exam for no exact reason... Secondly, if you're sleepy or hungry, then satisfy yourself! Just make sure not to over do it; don't sleep for 12 hours, or eat for an 1.5 hours or something along those lines.


Study from your friend's problems. Study in an awkward situation when needed. Satisfy your needs to a certain degree.

For guys, why do you work out? Is it to get the girls or for your own health? Be honest.
For girls, do you care if the guy is buff or do you care more about his background? Be honest.

P.S. No one's gonna be honest...