Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can see the Future

I am a magician and I can literally see the future. Yup, so I can you, let me teach you how!

Use your Common Sense. WoOoOo.

Interestingly enough, I believe that we are all able to foresee the future and change it just like in the movie "Next". In Next, our main character foresees all possible paths of the future and chooses the one with the most favorable outcome. We actually use this power everyday without ever realizing. The limit of our powers depend on how much experience we have, how much knowledge, and our understanding of the situation.

Let me give you an example. You are talking to your boss and he asks you if you can stay late on Friday to work on a project you do not really care about. Suddenly your powers come into effect. You see a bunch of options:

1. I agree whole heartily. This mean I can't go back to my hometown on Friday night. I have to work, maybe I'll get a raise? The boss will think better of me.

2. I say no. Get to go home, relax and party. The boss might be angry or he might just forget and understand.

Boom you predicted the future. Pat yourself on the back. Its as if you've traveled down both paths all the way up until Friday night and saw the results and came back to the present. How well you predicted the future depend strongly on your understanding of the work presented to you, your boss and yourself.

I just thought this was an interesting thought and we should realize that we're friggen amazing beings. But remember, with great power, comes great responsibilities.

QOTD: Why do you think some people seem to have more "common sense" than others? Was it the way they were raised up? What happened?

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