Sunday, August 30, 2009


Our world is null. The regular stuff just won't cut it anymore. Everything we want must be to the extreme, like horror films, sour candy, spicy food, fetishes, guns. There was once a time where the word sorry actually worked. I cannot remember one time where I said sorry (and I really meant it) and the other person actually forgave me. This might be because I'm an overconfident young idiot who thinks he's always right, therefore I don't say sorry often. Back to the topic, instead of sorry, we must say stuff like "I swear to GOD, I will never do it again" or "You can ram me with an acorn if I ever do it again!", okay maybe not the second one. But both of these go towards the extreme once more. The first one brings in the idea of God; an all-powerful being who created human kind. The second one is just plain painful and obscure. This is just an observation, I'm wondering how nulled the world will become when I grow up (I'm still a child).

Question of the Day: Would you rather watch a comedy or a horror film? Why? (sounds like a question from school).

P.S. Almost time to move off to Waterloo and move away from a lot of great friends!


ay.savethetigers said...

Well, I have to agree that society is following a trend towards the extremes - whether for better or for worse; and that leads to feelings of wonder and of fear.

Society is always evolving. [insert bio reference =P]. In evolution terms - our change in behaviour can be stabilizing, directional, or disruptive. Perhaps we're leaning to a world of extremes - but once extremes become the norm, we return to a null world again. Oh well. Equilibrium =P.

But I love the thought of wondering how the world will change (again, for better or for worse) as we grow up. =D; and it's really up to our generation to define how the world is in the coming decades!

And - comedy, hands down =D.
Why? Need to laugh more often =P

... and so many people going to waterloo *tear... will find time to visit! said...

Saying sorry never works the first time around. The word simply isn't strong enough. Try 100x you know, ZERG RUSH :D

I would go for Horror - need to get that adrenaline rush lol

Lily said...

I agree with what ay.savethetigers said. For example, just look at the fashion these days compared to 'back then'. Do you think the people then would approve of the short skirts and shorts girls wear these days? They'd probably be appalled. But as the years passed, they probably got shorter and shorter, and each time people would initially freak out over the shortness, but they eventually get used to the new length. Then the cycle starts all over again.

And also from personal experience, I used to cuss out anybody who didn't use his or her blinker. I still get a little irritated, but over time, I got used to it because it happened so often. Sadly, now I pretty much shrug it off.

My answer to your question is NEITHER! Chances are both of them are terrible. I haven't seen a quality comedy or horror movie for quite some time.

Becca said...

I think the only people that are extreme are teenagers or people with a very limited foresight.
However there are some things especially in the entertainment industry, eg. fashion, TV that will always be extreme simply because they are created to entertain. And the simplest (and most thoughtless) way to attract attention is to do extreme or stupid things.
Since when do you see someone past 30 doing "extreme" things?
I feel like i have a need to gag when i hear the overly exaggerated apology that a air-headed girl would make to their short lived best friend.
Anyways, just it's just my opinion, maybe I'm being an elitist.