Thursday, April 11, 2013

Re-factoring my life

About 4 months ago, I picked up coding again due to a project at work. During the three years prior to that I never did any intensive coding, but I never forgot the basics as well. All I did was PHP/MySQL development and never really follow the coding scene. After I finished my project at work, I become intensely interested and thus started learning Ruby on Rails. Through this I also learned jQuery and CSS3 (also studying Ember.js now).

Once I started learning coding again, my life changed... I quit my extensive amount of gaming (Dota2) to focus on learning to code instead. Since I stopped gaming, I stopped socializing with my friends from high-school as much (we can only talk through VOIP). Next I realized coding took up much more time than gaming.

My girlfriend started noticing I was often coding and did not take the time to converse with her as much as before. And to this matter, I'm "studying" so she can't really argue against it; unlike gaming. The news I care about became purely tech related and everything revolved around learning as much as I can before school starts (where I will have to work on my start up with my knowledge). I even had to take a day off due to lack of sleep from late nights where I just have to fix that one last bug.

Not sure if this is a turn for the worst or if I'm the only one like this. Either way, I will have to think about my actions again and probably waste less time watching TV Shows and such.

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