Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Dimensions Part 1

Guess what! I got third in the flourishing competition! And I met the amazing Max who was the World XCM winner last year. At the magic shop, a great magician named Morgan Bondett game me an amazing lecture on magic and provided me with a boat full of inspiration for magic.

This will be part one of hopefully two parts of my blog about dimensions.

Just so you guys know, there are in total of 10 dimensions. The first one is simply a dot. Second dimension is a line. It can also be thought of as a flat surface. If a 2D person was to observe us, he/she would see layer by layer of our body instead of what we see. Everyone should be familiar with the third dimension so I will not talk about it much. 3D=length, width, height. An interesting to consider is that if the 2D person what to travel in the 3D world, even a turn in the 3D would would seem like a straight path in the 2D world. Now the fourth dimension. This is simply time, or duration. Thus, humans actually live in a four dimensional world. Now let's consider the fifth dimension. Just like how the 2D people travel in the 3D as if everything is a straight line, we travel in the 5D world as if everything is a line. Because for us, we can only move forward in time, in a straight linear line. But is someone was in the fifth dimension, he would be able to travel freely through time. Hmm.. deep... I'll stop here today, partly to let you guys understand, partly for me to understand the other 5 dimensions.

Note to readers: There are some interesting facts and math questions that some of you guys might be interested in at the bottom of the page. Check them out, and reply with your answer in the comment!

Amazing video (thanks to Garry):

Question of the day (credits to Rebecca for the question): Beauty. What is beauty? Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet we have so many standards for what is pretty and what is not pretty. This is somewhat like last day's question. The question: Is there a true definition for beauty? If not, why does everyone still set all these standard? If yes, what do you consider as truly beautiful?


Onion said...

I bet you did great in the competition. Hope you didnt drop
Do you have a video of the flourishing competition? I want to watch it~

M.Mao said...

LOL That vid was favorited by Darren, that's how i knew it :P

Beauty is opinion-based. No solid definition.

MIND said...

I see you've been looking through my YouTube channel =)
And did you get the idea for this post from that video about dimensions? =P

And as for question of the day. Beauty has no definite meaning because it varies in each person. One's definition of beauty can be a hot chick with big tits and a tight ass. On the other hand, if we were discussing beauty with a more mature individual, they would say something like "beauty is not only about the physical appearances of a person, but their beauty on the inside as well (as in the contextual meaning)." They would define a beautiful person as someone who is loving, care about others, and all that cheesy crap."

Basically, the definition of beauty is different for each person because they define beauty according to their own personal preferences. SEX


Bex said...

Congrats on your third place finish! :D
My god, you've really matured a lot. (Don't mind the cheesiness)

Jeffrey Tong said...

Haha, thanks.