Thursday, November 20, 2008

Déjà vu

Finished my math test today. It seems like I did alright. Couldn't fully solve one question, and for another question, I did not simplify my answers. Estimate: 92-96%.

Now let's see. Thanks to Frank Cheng, I have a good thing to talk about today. We were in International Business when Frank suddenly said he had a déjà vu. Everyone felt this, but when I experience a déjà vu, I personally feel that I have dreamt of the particular situation before. Scientifically speaking, there are two theories. The first theory states that déjà vu occurs when one's short term memory is overlapped with their long-term memory in the neurological system. In layman terms, this means that the memory is stored in a person's memory before the conscious part of the brain even receives the information. This gives the person an unusual sensation of nostalgia and eeriness. Also, when one tries to figure out what has happened, they will go into a confusing paradox.

The second theory explains that one eye receives the information faster than the other eye, thus the information if stored before the other eye sees the information. Thus, it seems like we have seen it before. The only problem is that this theory does not explain when one hears something and has a déjà vu.

Of course there are other theories which are not scientific. For example, one theory is that one has foresaw the situation before hand in a dream or something. Another theory states that all these events may have happened in one's past life... I guess we can also say that we might have déjà vu when the other us in another universe (multi-verse theory) does the exact same thing and... BOOM déjà vu!

Question of the day: Do you think our generation is smarter or dumber relative to our parents generation? Smarter as in more knowledgeable, quicker, etc. Also when I say generation, I mean averagely, not just the smartest or dumbest person. Also, do you think the future generation will become smarter or dumb (since people are now very dependent on technology and service from others)? Please comment to reply!


Master Of Universe said...

i feel like i've read this

Jeffrey Tong said...

Haha, nice post.

J said...

we getting, more dumber, for shizzle.

M.Mao said...

Interesting theories.
It could also be anticipation. You subconciously expected this to happen.

Yea, each generation gets smarter than previous. That's how our society developes :P

Jeffrey Tong said...

For shizzle?!?! Michael, your answer is a very... ideal one. Haha, it's ok your still young! Thanks for the contribution. JIAYUN, I think your answer has some reasoning to it. Personally, I think we're just separating into a smart and dumb half. There will be no more average people. Either your dumb and labour, or be smart and do mental labour.

MIND said...

I personally think that our modern generation has somewhat of a declined level of intelligence than previous ones. Although the existence of differences between superior and inferior classifications in terms of intelligence, academic performance, and anything else that can be used to categorize a subject as being either "smart" or "dumb" will always be present, in the context of simple, out-of-school situations, our generation has become more dependent on technology as a result of recent advancements. Because of this, many of us lack the awareness that we are gradually losing our independence. The skills and knowledge that were once obtained through hard work without the assistance of technology are slowly disappearing. For example, using cellphones or GPS systems to find locations, as opposed to looking at maps and determining which directions to go. We have become dependent on having machines instruct us what to do and where to go as opposed to figuring it out ourselves. Although the teenagers of this generation are more "tech-savy", we are slowly losing human independence without even realizing it. Anyway, great question Jeff =)

MIND said...



M.Mao said...

In 30 years, I'll know more than my parents do now.
So will you.
So will most other people.

Jeffrey Tong said...

Wow, Garry, very detailed response, and I agree to your opinion. And Michael, I know that we WILL know more than our parents. But will be be as flexible with our mind and as quick to answer problems?