Friday, November 28, 2008

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I have been too lazy and busy to write a blog for a couple of days, so here's an update. My math test was horrendous, chemistry TA is cool, and finally, too many people are obsessed with that Twilight dude.

After examining the other 5 dimensions, I decided not to write about them , for they are extremely theoretical and basically useless. Instead, I will talk about a very popular issue that we have all dealt with, and issue which is the difference between a 60 and a 90 on a test. A issues that effects everyone, what's the issue?


First of all, how does this effect us? Let's just say, you can die from it. Procrastination not only effects school work, but also health. For example, I'll run later, etc.

A few reasons of why people procrastinate. Fear of failing the task, fear of making a mistake, fear of success (people will expect something good from you all the time). People also tend to do work when the prize or punishment is near. Now for some psychology of why people delay certain tasks. First of all, people may feel an discomfort when attempting to complete the task, thus they rather coward away and save it for later. Another reason (this OFTEN happens to me) is indecision. People tend to debate which choice is better, for example, "should I finish my math first? It's due tomorrow, BUT wait! My chemistry is longer and I'm not getting as good. But than again, the teacher might not check the chemistry homework. Hmm. etc." This debate might continue until it's time for dinner or a T.V. show is on or some other exciting event arrives and distracts you from the homework. The third type of procrastinator is the one who thinks he will work better under pressure, thus he will save all his work for the last moment. People might do this for the thrill (which is just illogical). The final type of procastinator use procrastination as an excuse for a doing poorly. For example, you can say, "I did at the last moment, if I did it before, I would of got A LOT better" (No really...)

Some students know that procrastination is lethal and know they should do some work instead of waiting for the last moment. Thus, certain procrastinators use strategies to trick themselves into believing they have done some work. A typical example may be when a student borrows a book from the library for an essay and just leaves the book on the shelf. This way, they feel like they have done something and removes thier own guilt. At the very last second, they would race through the book and write an essay. In thier own mind, it seems like they have saved a lot of time by doing it at the last second.

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Preventing procastination is the real meat of this post. Let's get into it. First of all, setting an exact prescription for an action usually leads to the action being completed on time. For example, instead of "finish essay", you can write down "start essay at 4 pm using Words and use MLA citation". Specific instructions usually allows one to complete the task on time. The second method is planning smart. A MIT professor conducted an experiment with a few campuses in France and Singapore where students set thier own due date. The result was that the ones who handed the work in earlier had better marks than though who finished it at the last moment. The final solution is simply attempting the task. Try to have a friend who will constantly push you to start on the project or homework. Once you have started, you might even enjoy doing the work, thus resulting in finishing fast and better. If you have actually read till here including all the things your suppose to read in one session, congrats, you probably do not procrastinate.

Great poem:

Glad to see technology is helping the under-developed:

Question of the day: What is one's biggest enemy in life?


T.he G.reatest said...


[达.妮] ^-^ said... just answered it in your post. Procrastination. It comes from within, so therefore the answer should be oneself? =D

Jeffrey Tong said...

How about some original answers? Haha.

MIND said...

One's biggest enemy in life is life itself. Simply because life contains every single challenge and obstacle anyone can imagine. Life is the source of fear, pain, assholes that you just hate, and a plethora of undesirable experiences. So yeah, I'll finish this comment later


Jeffrey Tong said...

Haha, Garry, I knew someone was bound to type that.

T.he G.reatest said...

u know what i change my answer, the biggest enemy is the evil monkey in my closet.

Anonymous said...

time, is a person's greatest enemy in life

Jeffrey Tong said...

Who ever you are. That was a great answer. Respect.