Sunday, November 16, 2008


Let's see. first post. i made this mostly to share some random ideas and thoughts.

My dream dream goal: find an efficient way to break the covalent bond.

For those of you who don't know me that well. I'm a math, chem, physics, magic guy! I often get random ideas and I want to note them here. Hopefully, I can look back in the future and achieve these goals.

crazy ideas: is it possible to make a chemical which will automatically insert itself between molecules thus increase the size of it? With this technology, we will be able to work on something that is huge, than shrink it to a very small size.

owned: today, I have been owned by mike tang's retarded sin(18 degree) question. Though I found a way to do it, but it leads to solving a equation with a degree of 6.

finally, on Monday I will be getting my physics test part B back. Apparently everyone got 0.5-3/17. So I'm quite scared. What else... math test, gotta finish the 56 questions.

OH! Thanks to Doris, i just remembered that I have a grad photo tomorrow! Gonna bring my cards and PERIODIC TABLE!! I"M SOO COOL!!! =D

In my flourishing/magic world: been practicing eko and some random moves I made. I still gotta film for the secret video, but I CANNOT find a black backdrop. I think i'm going to hang some black cloth in the background.

Question of the day: is it possible to make a car that runs on H2O? I know it has been discussed a lot. What do you think?

Song of the day: Lucky- Jason Mraz ft.Colbue Caillat:


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xoSimple_Mindedxo said...

Jeffrey... SERIOUSLY?!?!?! COVALENT BOND!?!? >.> Tell me when tat works... And well.. Here's my goal: Try to own u everyday so u'll always have sumthing to put on ur blog =)

NTS: hm...maybe i should start one too... @.@