Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inversion Theory

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This is the thing I forgot:

Inversion theory: If everything was actually exactly opposite, nothing would change. We would become theoretically anti-matter or just something that does not exist. But the anti world would become what we are. If we do not go into the atomic and molecular ideas and just look at it from a biological view it would work like this:

humans would live under water but the plankton(or maybe other marine creatures) would take the place of humans. As we see, there are three main groups of plankton ( while there are three main groups of people (black, asian, white). this would work out perfectly.

There are many other examples, like sea becomes the sky? the sky becomes the sea.

Let's look at a philosophical example. The good will become evil. On the other hand, people's view on evil would not be a despise, but rather a praise, thus evil theoretically becomes good again.

If you think about it, almost anything would work out. BUT of course, according to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, there must be an exception.

I'm planning to talk about the idea of good and evil next time.

Meanwhile, enjoy this magic trick:


xoSimple_Mindedxo said...

You can't just not go into the molecular and atomic ideas! If we were actually the anti- planktons..then we would combust if we touched them..buh we don't actually combust =( sadly...
btw.ur evil/ good thing is confusing T.T learned from Lord of the Flies " Humans are naturally savages and evil however, we are corrected by society and only society is keeping out savagery within. But if one is isolated from society, they will go back to their evil self." =D

Jeffrey Tong said...

Lol, I don't think you get exactly what I mean. I never stated that anti-matter with actually touch matter. And no one truly knows what will happen when anti-matter touches matter. And yea...

Anonymous said...

this theory which you believe is true will be false when inversed...